Kool Hec Si , DJ Broadway & DJ Fuego 1 @ Boom Bap 1 , Los Angeles, CA
The Latin Kings Digital Music are of the 1st generation of west coast hip hop all stars, The Latin Kings were acknowledged by Warner Bros. Records and featured on the "Were all in the Same Gang" album in 1990. Their underground hip hop classic Tumba La Casa was the 1st bilingual hip hop recording of the West Coast.
The Latin Kings aka Latin Kings Digital Music have re- connected with their original beat maker. The west coast legendary 'Pride of Pasadena " producer James Broadway aka J ' Brodzilla aka B'way !!!
After hearing this new Latin Kings Digital Music album, which is self titled ' Kool Hec Si  DJ Fuego 1' You will feel the dynamic refreshing elements of true hip hop.  
Latin Kings Digital Music is long overdue.